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Stacy Bobak
50 Hialeah Cres
Whitby, ON   L1N 6R1

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Ontario, Canada

Hello and thank you very much for taking the time to get to know me!
My name is Stacy, if we haven’t already met, and I am very interested in obtaining a career in the cannabis industry. I know you’ve heard that before, but I’d like to take a few moments of your time to explain why I will be the right candidate for you and your team.

It has been almost three years since I first started to educate myself about medical cannabis, it’s uses, effects, and benefits, but only 6 months since I started realizing the potential of my cannabis dream. I found myself getting excited about the possible opportunities on the business side of the medical cannabis industry when I realized that it wasn’t going to be easy for me to get the answers that I was looking for, as a consumer, from the health care professionals whom I was in contact with. I was going to have to figure it out for myself. I want to use this knowledge to help others.

I recently started discussing my cannabis dream with friends and family, and I have been doing research into the best way to expand my knowledge and experience with cannabis so as to show my passion for the industry through my resume. It felt great to speak openly about my hopes and goals to switch career paths and feel strongly that now is the time to invest in this dream of working in/for the cannabis industry. I am finding the wide range of possibilities very exciting; however, I haven’t been able to specify to which aspect of the industry I would be best suited.  I’m looking for the right opportunity, based on my current skills, and am open to the many possibilities of where to start, knowing my skills are evolving. I live in the Durham region. My background with cannabis involves a history of occasional use in many forms and more recently acquiring a prescription after my breast cancer diagnosis at a young age.

I have been an advocate for my own health since my diagnosis, and have done research on all aspects of my cancer care. I am not afraid to ask the difficult questions of my doctors, and if they aren’t able to give me answers, I seek them from either another health care professional, or from another reliable source. An example of this was the “fight” to get information about the benefits of medical cannabis related to my symptoms. My oncologist was not able to give me any information, so I sought the help of my naturopath, who directed me to a local clinic called “Bodystream” in Peterborough. I was hoping for an educational experience through that clinic, but was simply given the prescription via Skype and told to experiment on my own. I have followed up with a different doctor at that clinic, who did take the time to answer some questions, but I am still investigating what works for me. I am fascinated by the fact that each individual reacts differently and find the journalling aspect of being a medical cannabis patient helpful, as I have had to document my own experiences with the plant in order to conduct my own sort of “research” to see how it is working for me. I am very organized and believe that my background in health care (dental) has served me well through this “journey”.

My long-term goal, after receiving the appropriate training, would be to help other young people like myself by working to spread research-based information about the use and benefits of cannabis, and to help them understand the process of accessing and using the product. I am also very interested in continuing to expand my own knowledge in the industry and grow with it into the future. I recently completed a course at Durham College which was very helpful in gaining an overall knowledge base of the cannabis industry.

I’d be happy to discuss more of my background with you. I’d be honoured if you would check out my LinkedIn profile and/or Instagram page to learn a little more about me as well. Please refer back to my personal website,  to view my resume. Do keep me in mind for any potential opportunities that may be available now, or in the future.

Thanks very much for your time!


Stacy Bobak